Various styles of gazebos

The styles of the wood gazebos come from different countries. Asian-looking models see one part of straightforward and graceful, the other hand, high-quality and stable. A dark wooden colonial look reminiscent of an African Lodge or Indian different seats. Through the green plants in the background, thesis wooden gazebo looks natural and stylish at the same time. With eBay, you can, therefore, find versions made of bamboo did bring a Caribbean flair in the garden. Other models of the gazebo with the wooden frame are shaped similarly to Bedouin tents.

Among the most popular wooden gazebos and cheap tents for sale count the white-painted patterns in the style of northern German seaside architecture so but traditional, rustic gazebo in the beer garden look are in high demand. Although gazebo has won with aluminum frame For their ease of maintenance bigger, the wooden gazebo is tranquil lakes as particularly attractive amenities on the terrace or in the garden.

Where should the gazebos be Placed?

The gazebo is built on a leveled ground, at best, on a concrete foundation. On or Adjacent to the terrace is the gazebo is an excellent addition to the seating. A rectangular, hexagonal or polygonal gazebo in the middle of the lawn acts as a central meeting place in the garden. Smaller versions oft find a place in the hedge.

The location of the gazebo is based on the individual priorities and the equipment and dimensions of the garden. You can put the design so did you have the weather protected seating of a good view of the sunset. If a backyard pool is available, the viewing direction of the gazebo can be Aimed. When planning, it is important to keep the different perspectives in mind. Gazebo round opened pages can Easily be built, while models require with fixed sidewalls a little more consideration, Because nobody wants to spoil a beautiful view. Even the windshield plays a role in the positioning and orientation of the garden gazebo and the furniture Therein.


The material of the roof

If you choose a gazebo for your garden, your shoulder stands So be aware of what material the roof and walls are made Possibly the side. There are many different ways with very different properties.

Polyester roofs

Very typical synthetic fibers: such as polyester used for the preparation of the gazebo or awnings. These are Relatively cheap to buy and so very weather resistant. They are water resistant, but not entirely Call waterproof. THEREFORE, seeking a gazebo is primary for sun protection and as a shelter during light rain. Natural fabrics: such as cotton are not used for the gazebo. Polyester acts – Although it is a synthetic fiber – very natural and THEREFORE fits harmoniously into the garden. By PVC coating of the fabric, HOWEVER, is entirely Call waterproof, so it is very well suited for the gazebo, Which Although looks natural, but shouldProvide excellent protection in case of rain.

PE roof

If you want to use the gazebo so oft in inclement weather, you should make sure that a fully waterproof fabric for the ceiling is used. An affordable option is here, for example, PE tarpaulins. These are durable and completely Call waterproof. The Disadvantage of this alternative is dressed die optical impression of PE clothes looks very artificial. If you value a natural appearance of the gazebo, this material is not recommended. In this case, can be in the alternative to a PVC coated polyester fabric.


Gazebo with sidewalls

The basic model of the gazebo has only a roof. Many do so, but different sidewalls are included. You should THEREFORE carefully consider Whether you value this detail. In many cases, two sidewalls, for example, closed, while the other two walls remain open. This is very pleasant love especially in wind or rain Because You are better protected in this way. Another alternative is attached to the sidewalls did curtains. Ie Although They offer some protection against wind and rain, the gazebo can in good weather but still be opened. In some gazebo, the sidewalls of a delicate fabric did is permeable to air while, but insects keep. In this way, the gazebo will Ensure you are disturbed in the garden not of mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

Some deals are sold under the name gazebo, Although all four sidewalls can be closed tightly. Strictly speaking. HOWEVER, seeking products falling under the designation of party tents. These models offer an excellent protection even in adverse weather conditions.

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