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How to use a pressure cooker?

Firstly, it is important that you know what the best pressure cooker does. If the pressure cooker is on the fire, is produced by the steam heat so that the boiling point is increased, which ensures that the food will cook faster. In traditional pressure cookers sitting there on the lid loose weight or venting with an adjustable pressure regulator, while more modern pressure cookers are equipped with a more closed system with spring valves.

For use only good if there are no dents or cracks in your pressure cooker. Also right or pressure cooker is completely clean, and there are no residues in food are left. A pressure cooker that is cracked can be dangerous because it can be released by the burst of hot steam that you can burn.

Fill the pressure cooker. Before you in the pressure cooker boils you should always ensure that a minimum amount of moisture in the pan. Most of the recipes indicate end making use of water. The pan should never be more than ⅔ filled with liquid because there is enough room to be for the formation of steam.

Pressure cookers with a lid to lose weight: A pressure cooker with the lid with a free weight must always contain at least 250 ml of water. This quantity is, in principle, sufficient for a cooking time of 20 minutes.
Pressure cookers with a valve: The minimum amount of moisture for cooking in a pressure cooker with a valve 125 ml.

The function of the grid and the holder of the pressure cooker. A pressure cooker comes with a grill or steamer. Using this network you in the pressure cooker vegetables, fish, crustaceans or cooking the fruit. The grid will be placed on a holder. Place the container on the bottom of the pan and place on top of the grate.

Cooking in a pressure cooker

First place the products you want to cook in the pressure cooker ready. If it gave you a guide to your good pressure cooker in which the preparation of various foods is explained.

Meat and chicken: Before you do the meat in the pressure cooker, you can find seasoning, and for best results you the best first browning. Heat for that little bit of oil, such as rapeseed oil in the pressure cooker over medium heat, uncovered. Then put the meat in the pan and brown the nicely browned. You can also sear the meat in a medium pan and then let it be further cooked in the pressure cooker.

Fish: Wash the fish and place it on the grill on top of the container. Add at least 175 ml of fluid increasing. Lubricate before you fish in the pressure cooker will always prepare the grill with a little vegetable oil so that the fish will not stick to the grill.

Dried beans and other legumes: Soak the beans for six hours in water without salt. Drain the beans and put them in the pressure cooker. Add if you use a traditional pressure cooker with the lid loose weight with one or two tablespoons (15-30 mL) of vegetable oil to the water in the pan.

Rice and other cereals: Week whole wheat and barley for four hours in lukewarm water. Rice and oats you do not need to soak first.

Vegetables (fresh or frozen): Thaw frozen vegetables first and was the fresh vegetable. Put the vegetables in the steamer basket or on the rack. Boil vegetable species with a cooking time of 5 minutes with 125 ml of water at the bottom of the pressure cooker. Use in a cooking time of 5 to 10 minutes, 250 ml of water and half a liter at a cooking time of 10 to 20 minutes (250 ml).

Fruit: Wash the fruit first and then put it in the steamer basket or on the rack. Use for fresh fruit 125 ml of water. Use 250 ml water for dried fruit.

Determine how much water you should do in the pressure cooker. If all is well, you can find in the manual of your pressure cooker a list of different types of food and water requirements. You can also find on the Internet the guidelines above. The amount of water depends on the amount of food.

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