On the previous part of the article, we have shown you how to use and cook with the best pressure cooker. On this part, we will continue to give you some tips for the use of this useful cooker.

Using the pressure cooker

Place the food you are cooking in the pressure cooker. Add to the water quantity for the product so that it is done properly. ”

Remove the safety valve or the adjustable pressure regulator. Close the lid properly and do not forget to do the lid locked. Place the pressure cooker on the stove in a large pot and turn the heat to high. The pot will now begin to turn water into steam.

Wait until the pressure in the pressure cooker starts to rise. The inside of the pot pressure will be higher and higher. The cooking process of the food in the pan begins when the pressure reaches the preset safety limits.

In an old-fashioned pressure cooker with lid loose weight, this is happening at the moment there is steam coming out of the vent, and adjustable pressure regulator begins to “shake” (due to loose weight on the lid). Do once you get steam from the nozzle sees the safety valve on the mouthpiece.

With modern pressure cookers are usually marks on the stem of the valve indicating the pressure in the pan. The indents are visible with the increase of the pressure.

Lower the heat so that the cooking process is continued gently into the pan without the pan is the whistle. From that point, you can start measuring the cooking time given in the recipe. It is intended that the pressure remains constant during the entire cooking period. If you fire not turn down, it may be that the pressure continues to rise and may open the lid or the safety valve (which causes whistling), which are emitted steam and can not further increase the pressure. The safety valve function is to ensure that the pot does not go kippot. The valve is not meant to indicate the cooking time.

The pressure cooker empty

Turn off the heat once the cooking time is given in the recipe. If you cook the food longer, it is likely that the result is too soft food, and that is precisely not the intention.

Reduce the pressure in the pan. Do not attempt to open the lid of the pan. You can lessen the pressure in three different ways. If all is well in the recipe how to use.

Minimise the pressure on the natural way: This is the slowest way to reduce the weight. This technique is employed in products with a long cooking time to ensure that the cooking process still here is continued while the pressure is naturally lower. On average it takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Reduce the pressure in a fast way: the most traditional and modern pressure cookers are equipped with a button in the lid that allows you a quick way to reduce the weight. Pressing this button will be slowly lowered from inside the pressure in the pressure cooker.

The pressure decrease with cold water: This is the fastest way to reduce the weight. Do not use this method on an electric stove. Place the pressure cooker on the tap. Let cold water over the lid repeatedly flows until the pressure decreases. Make sure no water flows directly on the pressure regulator or the vent.

Assure yourself that the pressure has been sufficiently released. If you have a pressure cooker with a loose weight on the lid, move the regulator. If there is no sound of escaping steam, it means that all the steam has been released and that no pressure is left longer.

Carefully remove the lid. You can then create the cooked contents of the pressure cooker.


Never force to lift the lid of the pressure cooker if there is steam present in the pan. Hot steam can cause a fire to be.
Even when it is safe to open the cooker, you should always be you open the lid off. The contents of the pan are in fact hot.

Hope you find useful information in this article. Good luck!

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