A hand vacuum is the best car vacuum because of its lightweight, good battery and power.

Although the technology used by a hand vacuum sounds very simple, it remains important to keep in mind several criteria to remain fully satisfied with your choice:

1. Its weight

What is the strength of the vacuum table, it is primary to be a portable vacuum cleaner, which can be transported in any room of the house and even outside thanks to its lightness. In general, the devices do not exceed the maximum 1.5 kg, but some weigh less than 1 kg on the scale, ideal for use with one hand so you can easily clean your car you keep it in the trunk thanks to its small size.

2. Autonomy and recharge its battery

Since it is a cordless vacuum, the handheld unit is battery operated only during a limited time. This must then be recharged.

The autonomy of a cordless vacuum may thus vary from one to two, or between 10 and 20 minutes. The difference is significant if you intend to regularly suck your chairs or inside your car (some car vacuums are however provided with power adapter).

Ditto for the charging time: it can go from 3:30 to more than 16h. This huge difference is in the composition of Battery: Lithium-Ion type is recognized and used in many devices, even off appliances (electric scooters for example). Very light, these batteries are the best on the market because they recharge quickly and provide greater autonomy. One will find this metal in vacuum cleaners upscale bags.

Other criteria to consider when looking at the battery of a hand vacuum: its voltage. This lets you effectively evaluate the power of the device: a larger voltage reflects a greater power. A powerful vacuum will own a 12 V battery. Some vacuum cleaners still stand out and even offer 22 V, like the Dyson DC34.

3. Its suction power

Although this is not an essential criterion in the choice of a hand vacuum, the suction power can save time. When it is optimal, all waste will be sucked in one go, without the need for board last. We advise you to opt for a power ranging from 8 W to 30 W. Suction power does not necessarily mean low autonomy: Lithium-ion battery devices combine the high power and autonomy contrary. The ideal is still to find a bagless vacuum cleaner that has a power controller that allows you to adjust the suction and save precious minutes of use.

4. The accessories


It may be that your needs go beyond the ordinary uses of a hand vacuum. In this case, consider checking whether the accessories are present. To clean a car, for example, the cigarette lighter cord and a long brush are very useful. Similarly, the rotary brush is almost a necessity for aspiration of animal hair.

Other accessories will prove a great help in some cases: suction heads of different widths and lengths, small extensions, etc …

Many brands offer accessories that fit both on a sled vacuum cleaner and a cordless vacuum. And if your choice is based on your budget and you want to purchase vacuum cleaners without accessories, you have still the opportunity to separately acquire these tools when you need them.

5. The sound level

Many suction systems on the market, but we found only one type in the hand vacuum cleaners: cyclone vacuum. Dust is driven by a centrifugal force in a separate compartment, and the air is discharged through a filter – this is the system we find for a bagless vacuum cleaner. This system, therefore, requires no extra bag but requires a great power, which consequently increases the loudness of use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a hand vacuum Disadvantages
It’s a small vacuum cleaner, much more compact than a vacuum cleaner sleigh
It’s a bagless vacuum cleaner, which is very light
It also a cheap vacuum with a much lower price than a vacuum cleaner sled
the Fact that it is a cordless vacuum, this device has limited autonomy
The dust allergies are live with compact dirt during cleaning the tank.


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