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Synthetic, feather and down, ergonomic, firm, fluffy … There are so many criteria to choose your pillows according to their comfort and your sleeping habits.

Why must you choose a good pillow?

The pillow is one of the main requirements of a good night. Having a good pillow promotes healthy and restorative sleep. It avoids a bad position of the spine and pain in the neck and shoulders when awakening. So, choose your pillow according to:

  • Your comfort preferences: firm, medium, fluffy, ergonomic
  • Your habits of sleep: position on the belly, the side, the back.
  • Its specific treatments.

Good to know! A pillow is recommended to be replaced approximately every two years to preserve all its effective characteristics.

Pillows and bolsters are not recommended for children under 18 months for safety reasons. Beyond this, we advise you to choose a pillow made of synthetic fibers so that the child benefits from the lightness and softness of the lining. It evacuates sweat better and you enjoy its easy maintenance. Often hypoallergenic, they are also healthier for children who have not yet been diagnosed with allergies.

Stiffness: The stiffness of pillows and bolsters

To facilitate your choice, each pillow has an index of stiffness:

  • Firm pillows: Good support of the head and neck. Suitable for those who sleep on the back.
  • Medium pillows: Good support of the head and neck while guaranteeing a little more flexibility. Ideal for those who sleep on the back or on the side.
  • Mellow pillows: For a very comfortable stiffness. Suitable for those who sleep on the stomach.
  • Ergonomic stiffness: Ideal to support perfectly the neck and the back and allow the muscles to relax completely. It is ideally suited for those who sleep on the back and side.



Are you sleeping on your back? Keep your head aligned with the spine. Be careful not to take a pillow that is too bulky. This could create a cramp and tension in the body. Suggested pillow: firm, medium or ergonomic comfort.

Are you sleeping on the side? The pillow is essential here to guarantee a balance during sleep and an adequate alignment between the neck and the spine. Pillow recommended: comfort medium or ergonomic.

Are you sleeping on your stomach? It is said to be the worst position. So pay attention to the choice of the pillow to avoid being arched. Recommended pillow: soft comfort. Down pillows are also recommended in this case.

Don’t you know what exactly sleeping position you have? Opt for at least two pillows that will satisfy the expectations of several positions or a pillow with medium comfort.


They have the particularity to adapt to the weight of the head and to better support the neck and the back thanks to their shape which fills the arch of the neck. Thus, your body tends to relax more easily. It is ideal if you are sensitive to back and neck pain!

If you are used to sleeping with a classic pillow, you will probably need a few days to adapt to an ergonomic pillow. It contains 100% natural latex lining hypoallergenic and micro-aerated viscoelastic foam

There are two types of ergonomic pillows:

  • With a 100% natural latex padding and a well ventilated and perforated alveolar structure, the pillow offers a wrap-around support and antibacterial and antiallergic protection. Undeformable and hygienic, it is perfect for a healthy and restorative sleep.
  • Based on hypoallergenic and micro-aerated viscoelastic foam, the pillow is ideal when you have a bad back and provides a great muscular relaxation by molding the shape of the head and the neck.


The bolster can be substituted for the pillow. It supports the cervical vertebrae. It is, therefore, essential to choose it carefully. First tip: As it occupies the full width of the bed, it is advisable to adapt it to the size of your mattress.

You will certainly appreciate more with a firm bolster that will support the vertebrae better than a fluffy bolster. By the way, this is a subjective criterion that depends above all on your sleeping habits.


Just like duvets, you have the choice between a feather and down lining and synthetic upholstery.

  • Down and feather fillings provide natural flexibility to keep track of your movements during the night. In addition, it absorbs and evacuates moisture perfectly during the night. Choose pillows made of feathers if you want to increase the firmness of your pillow. Prefer the down for a pillow that offers resilience, softness and swelling (ideal for those who sleep on the stomach). Therefore, the more fluff, the thicker the pillow will be. To keep a pillow’s bulky and maintain the quality of its filling longer, we advise you to shake it every day. The advantages: Comfort, well-being, long service life, swelling, great fluffiness, healthy, perfect absorption, and evacuation of sweat.
  • The synthetic filling is based on high-quality silicone hollow fibers that you will find in some of our products known for their swelling as Hollofil, Quallofil, Cliniguard, Isolate, Thermoloft,… The advantages: Healthy, inflating, hygienic, non-allergenic, breathable, easy to maintain, many treatment choices.
  • The last one is the memory foam pillows based on viscoelastic foam, which resume their initial shape with each movement. They allow a good morphological adaptation and a distribution of the compression points. They are particularly for people with often back or cervical pain. A bamboo memory foam pillow is excellent
  • Latex is also popular in pillows because, with its alveolar and perforated structure, it offers perfect morphological support, great flexibility, incomparable tone and perfect circulation of air during sleep.



There is often a tendency to neglect its importance. It offers various treatments to improve the comfort of your nights:

For people who tend to sweat at night, we recommend, for example, the viscose which offers a soft touch while offering a lightness and a great breathability.

The more traditional cotton allows for excellent air circulation and easy maintenance. It dries especially extremely quickly.

The presence of plant fibers in the pillow casing ensures the softness and good absorption capacity thanks to the presence of nanofibrils in its composition. It also provides superior thermal control and evacuates humidity and provides dry comfort.

The microfibre easily wicks away moisture with multi-channel fibers that multiply the ventilation of the envelope for antiperspirant comfort.

With an envelope loops, you will benefit from an ultra absorbent comfort …For more about your sleeping buddies, visit www.bedtimefriends.com.

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