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Tips to improve reading in children

The reading in children is vital

The books provide knowledge and relaxation for people of different ages. Through reading, a person can improve his or her memory, concentration and broaden knowledge in order to encourage intellectual development, especially in children. Each character in stories provides advice and ethical values.

Reading helps children develop their creativity. And also, reading is an essential skill needed for learning at the later stage of education. Reading keeps children away from being interested in activities that do not provide appropriate knowledge for their age indiscriminately such as the internet or watching TV programs.

Inculcate in our children the love of reading is perhaps one of the best gifts we can give to the progeny. Reading promotes a better emotional and psychological development in children. It also gives them the opportunity to experience sensations and feelings with those who enjoy. They mature and learn with books. They laugh, dream, travel to other worlds and share pleasant moments with family and strengthening the link with parents… In short, reading help children grow up in every way. For more tips to take care of your family, visit familygrowthblog.com

It is shown that reading improves language development of children. In fact, the sooner a child is exposed to reading, the better is their language skills and abilities. They learn words faster, improve understanding and exercise your brain for language acquisition that occurs between 10 and 30 months.


Early exposure of children to the narrative and poetic language, puns and rhymes contribute to a relaxed appropriation of language and understanding of the deep structures of the mother tongue. “This will result in a gradual, safe and happy literacy. At three years old, children are more interested in the loudness, but it is very useful to encourage internalizing language and silences at a cognitive level which helps them create associations between their experience and the outer world”, explains Dr. Esther Serrano, primary care pediatrician. This professional advises “read aloud to children even before they start to walk.”

Tips to encourage reading in children

Taking advantage of World Book Day, the Association of Primary Care has launched a series of recommendations to promote reading in children for language development and the best possible result. And it has launched on its website a campaign to promote reading throughout the month of April. Here are some of their recommendations:

  • Organize: Disorganization may be at odds with reading. Pediatricians claim that it is important to help children organize their time at the library.
  • Be Consistent: Make sure that your kid set aside time to read everyday, in relaxed and willingness to do so not forced.
  • Ask for Advice: It is important to seek for advice at school, libraries and bookstores on the most appropriate books for every child and at every age.
  • Listen: The questions of children and adolescents is the key to learning about your child’s tastes and motivations
  • To stimulate and encourage: any situation can provide grounds for reaching books. Therefore, it is recommended that books are always placed in the reach of children.
  • Respect: Children have the right to choose. We must be aware of their tastes and how they evolve.
  • To propose, not impose: it is better to suggest than impose. We must avoid treating reading as an obligation.
  • Get involved: The family support is necessary for all ages. Parents should not leave children alone when they read. Join them.
  • Share: The habit of reading is spread by reading with other children.

This campaign also tells parents what never to do:

  • Create contradictions between the method used at school and home.
  • Use texts inadequate by extension, for his interest or his subject.
  • To introduce a rate of excessive learning.
  • Repeat or teach what is already known, causing boredom.

Reading to children from early childhood increases their linguistic ability. One of the common tips to encourage reading in children is to read for them since they are small. Every night before bedtime, it is best to read interesting stories that appeal to you for your child.


In many cases, children are amazed at the knowledge of parents. If your kids ask you where you learned that from, the answer should be reading books. In this way, children will be more interested in reading.

Example is the best teacher, so it is important that children realize that their parents spend time daily to read. Children in early age usually imitate their parents. As time goes by, the reading habit is slowly formed.

To encourage reading in children, it is important to provide interesting books of their own taste. It is a good choice when you want to reward them for something good you can give them one of their favourite book.

The book sagas will make kids more curious and ask for more because after they finish a book, they will feel the desire to continue with the other until finishing all the series.

To encourage reading in children, it is important to know the tastes of each kid. This means that if a child is interested in culture, you should give away a book about different countries, while if one likes animals, you should give them a book about the wild life, for example.

To make children aware of the importance of reading, it is important to show testimonials from people that are successful, that attest to the importance of reading at different ages, especially in childhood.

The awards are a good strategy to encourage reading in children. You can set up a contest among family members and who finish reading a book first is given an award, of course kid should give a summary of the book to win the award.


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